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Many people have HPV virus and have no idea they are infected with it. HPV is caused by human papilloma virus and is a sexually transmitted (STD). There many different forms of HPV virus. Some forms may cause genital warts to appear on the penis or vagina, where other types of HPV virus may not cause any type of symptoms in men and women and only HPV testing for men and women can show if man or woman is having HPV virus or not.

In women, pap smear test can determine if the cervix has presence of HPV cells or not, however pap test can only show that it is abnormal and further testing is required to determine if the abnormality caused by HPV virus or something else. Abnormal cervical cell changes may lead to cervical cancer, especially if HPV type is 16, 18, 31 or 45. Some abnormal cervical changes may heal on its own; others may require colposcopy to determine level of abnormality. Usually level 1 does not require any treatment. Level 2, 3 and 4 will require surgical procedure done where doctors cut out infected area and test if for presence of cancer cells. If cancer cells are present it may be required to remove cervix. Removing cervix in early age, before 45, may lead to early menopause. It is especially important for women to regularly get tested for HPV to prevent cancer.

Gay men are a lot more likely to develop anal cancer due to HPV infection compare to heterosexuals. Men whose immune system is weak due to HIV/AIDS or other conditions may develop anal cancer as well due to HPV infection. Currently there no FDA approved HPV virus tests for men. If warts are present around testicles, penis, groin, thighs, or anus – it’s a sign of HPV virus. Anal cancer symptoms include bleeding, pain or discharge from anus or changes in stool. Penile cancer is very rare, but can occur due to the HPV virus infection. First sings include thickening skin, build-up tissue on the penis or bleeding.

There medicine available to treat genital warts caused by the HPV virus available for both men and women. Genital warts can also be removed surgically or frozen. There no guarantee that genital warts will not come back again after few months. Some men choose not to treat genital warts as HPV warts may never impact their lives.

The only way to prevent getting infected with HPV genital warts is not to have sex. Condoms may lower risk of getting HPV, but if person touches areas infected by the HPV, condom will not help.

In the recent years, vaccine was developed to protect women against genital warts. Girls, ages of 9 to 26 years old may receive injection that will prevent women getting genital warts caused by HPV later in life. There no known preventive vaccine for boys and FDA currently considers licensing new vaccine that can be given to boys as well.

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