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Testing for syphilis must be one of the most important tests. Not too long ago syphilis was deadly infection and many people died from it due to lack of medication available to treat syphilis. Syphilis testing is very important and early detection may save life!

Syphilis is an infection and syphilis bacteria called “Treponema pallidum”. Only syphilis testing on blood can determine if condition is syphilis or other STD. It may or may not transmit during sexual act. Any type of contact with syphilis infected individual may pass syphilis from one to another.

There two levels of possible syphilis symptoms. At first individual infected with syphilis feels no pain and only experiencing sores and swollen lymph nodes. Later syphilis may produce fever, rash and pain as well as other symptoms.

Syphilis effects heart, nervous system as well as brain an individual starts feeling discomforts all over their body during second phase of symptoms.

There 4 stages of syphilis:

Primary syphilis – is the first stage occurs 10-90 days after sexual contact when lesions appear on the body at the point of contact. If syphilis is transmitted during sexual intercourse or oral sex, area that touched syphilis lesion will start developing same type of lesion.

Secondary syphilis – occurs after primary syphilis stage about 1-6 months after infection. During this period, individual is a lot more infectious. Rash can show up on hands, feet and other areas of the body.

Latent syphilis – occurs early or late and called early latent syphilis. It may occur any time within two years from getting infected with it. This type of syphilis may be treated with just one injection of penicillin. This particular form of syphilis is not considered to be as contagious as other stages. Only 25% will recover from it and the rest will have it forever in latent stage.

Tertiary syphilis – occurs 1-10 years from infection. It comes up as tumors looking like balls shows up on the different parts of the body. It is chronic form as body is not capable of fighting it.

Since syphilis affects nervous system, some people become insane. It may produce rhythmic nodding or bobbing of the head in synchrony with the beating of the heart.

Syphilis eventually may produce heart failure, coronary arteries infection, and extreme pain in the different parts of the body.

Tested for STD’s and syphilis regularly is very important and our local STD clinic is open 24/7 – 365 days per year. Just call us toll free 1-877-675-3420 to get information on how to get syphilis testing done ASAP!