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Chlamydia Screening

Screening for chlamydia as often as possible is very important. Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted bacteria in the USA. Chlamydia damages woman’s reproductive organs, causing serious complications, without any signs or symptoms. In men, chlamydia causes discharge from the penis and damage to internal organs. Later in life, chlamydia will cause arthritis. If person is not having chlamydia during initial screening, it does not mean that same woman will not have chlamydia later. Everyone is at risk of getting chlamydia after every single sexual contact.

Anyone who is active sexually may be infected with chlamydia and not know it. Chlamydia may travel from one person to another during intercourse (vaginal or anal) or oral sex. Young girls, who are not fully matured, are at higher risk for chlamydia infection than older women. Men who have anal sex can also pass chlamydia from one to another. People with permanent sexual partner can keep passing chlamydia to each other after one person has been cured. In men, chlamydia will cause pain, fever and in some cases sterility.

Chlamydia may not show any symptoms at all. It’s considered to be a “silent” infection as majority of infected people show no chlamydia symptoms at all. In Women, when chlamydia enters their cervix, they may see vaginal discharge or burning sensation in urinary tract or not feel or see anything at all. Later, infection quickly spreads to the cervix and to the fallopian tubes destroying it. Even at that time women may not see any signs or symptoms of chlamydia.

If chlamydia left without medical attention, it can destroy not only reproductive organs, it can cause serious short and long term health consequences. It can permanently damage in fallopian tubes and surrounding tissues. Damage can lead to infertility and permanent pelvic pain as well as potentially fatal pregnancy outside of uterus. Chlamydia also increases chances of becoming infected with HIV.

Screening for chlamydia is vital. Everyone who is sexually active must get screened for chlamydia as often as once per month. Screening test takes very little and all you have to do is provide urine sample or specimen from the penis or cervix.

The best way to avoid chlamydia is to have sex with partners who are not in sexual content with anyone else and you know for sure that they don’t have chlamydia or any other STDs. If person is sexually active, it is important to use latex condoms properly, even during oral sex. Even using condoms may expose individual to chlamydia. Most important do not resume sexual activity until all partners you are having sex with have been tested or possibly treated for the STDs.

Please remember that there no cure for STD’s such as HIV and others. If you see any type of abnormality after having sex or if you need to get tested, immediately call our toll free number and discuss your symptoms with one of our chlamydia professionals. We guarantee that your conversation or any information you provide will be kept anonymously.