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In order to test for chlamydia we need to get specimen of the body fluid or urine to test for presence of chlamydia bacteria called “chlamydia trachomatis”. Presence of this type of bacteria defines if person is infected with chlamydia. Chlamydia can be detected based on four different types of tests:
  • NAAT – Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests – This chlamydia test is designed to identify genetic material of chlamydia. NAAT test is very accurate and performed on the urine.
  • Nucleic acid hybridization test – This test is not as sensitive as NAAT test, but also offers very accurate results.
  • ELISA - Quickest chlamydia test to find substances, antibodies that are triggered by the immune system if chlamydia bacteria are present in the body.
  • DFA chlamydia test – This test is also designed to find chlamydia antibody in the system.
  • Chlamydia culture test – Culture test is designed to allow chlamydia to grow in the glass container. This chlamydia test takes about 5-7 days to see the results, but considered to be the most accurate and the most expensive test out of all chlamydia testing options. It also gives doctors better understanding on how to fight it better.
If you are active sexually, testing is not something you can avoid. Everyone must get tested for chlamydia. It does not matter if you have symptoms or not, you may be infected with chlamydia and not know it. Only accurate testing for chlamydia can tell if you are positive or negative. Everyone, men, women, teenagers who are sexually active must get tested for chlamydia. Chlamydia can transform in to permanent infection and it can be too late if you let it go and not get tested on time. People infected with chlamydia may not see any symptoms and only chlamydia testing can discover presence of chlamydia in the body. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call us toll free 1-877-675-3420 to get tested for chlamydia ASAP.

Our chlamydia testing professionals offer over 15 years of experience and 700,000+ people have been tested at our chlamydia laboratories across the USA. Using our chlamydia testing clinic, you can confidentially learn about your chlamydia testing results online. Our chlamydia testing center offers free posttest consultation on how to treat chlamydia. We can issue a prescription to get medication if your test results come out to be positive for chlamydia. We offer simple and highly accurate chlamydia test results for men, women and teenagers. Chlamydia testing clinic is located conveniently near you or if you prefer privacy of your own home, you can mail us your urine sample to one of our chlamydia testing lab and receive results online, confidentially in the privacy of your own home. If you prefer faster chlamydia testing, you can visit one of our chlamydia testing centers and get rapid results within few hours. Our chlamydia testing is highly accurate and if you are using our chlamydia testing services, you can be assured that we will provide you with the most accurate chlamydia test results in the industry. Don’t wait, call us 1-877-675-3420.

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