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To get tested for chlamydia, we need to collect urine specimen for testing.

Chlamydia is one of the most common STD’s in the world. It affects both men and women, but women seem to be harmed more by the bacteria compare to men. Chlamydia affects women reproductive organs preventing infected woman from ability to get pregnant. Chlamydia destroys tubes tissue and leaves victim with irreversible damage.

Women also develop arthritis in it’s severe form after having chlamydia in the early age. If chlamydia left untreated, it stays in the body permanently without any possibility of cure. In some cases chlamydia will not even show any signs or symptoms and can only be detected by lab professional performing chlamydia urine test and that’s why constant urine test for chlamydia is very important for everyone who is sexually active.

Once chlamydia is diagnosed, in early stages it can be treated with powerful antibiotics. Rapid tests for chlamydia infection in men may not even show and that’s why it is important to do chlamydia culture test. Chlamydia culture test seems to offer the most accurate results and chlamydia shows up in the earliest stage. Urine specimen is taken for testing, where lab technicians create environment for chlamydia bacteria to multiply faster and grow. Unlike rapid test, results take up to 7 days because lab professionals will have to wait for bacteria to grow, just like it grows in the human body.

There two possible outcomes of chlamydia urine test: Normal and Abnormal. When urine test results comes out to be normal, it means that after thorough test, lab healthcare professionals did not find any chlamydia DNA, but tests for other STDs is necessary to determine that individual does not have any other sexually transmitted diseases.

When chlamydia urine test comes out to be abnormal, it means that chlamydia antigens or chlamydia DNA has been found in the sample and it requires immediate treatment.

As mentioned earlier, chlamydia may not show any symptoms or any signs. Man or woman infected with chlamydia may be infected with chlamydia bacteria and never even know about it until it’s too late.

Urine test to detect chlamydia must be done almost after every sexual contact.

Chlamydia can travel from one person to another through the mouth as well as genitals. If woman is having pelvic pain, it is absolutely necessary to perform chlamydia urine test. It is also important to get cervical checkups to make sure that there no cervical discharge. It might be also necessary to take cells specimen from the penis, cervix, urethra and anus even if chlamydia urine test comes out to be normal.

If you are having more than one partner or your partner is having more than one partner, you are at risk of getting chlamydia. Even if you are using protection, there is a possibility to get infected with chlamydia. Only healthcare professional can tell if you have presence of chlamydia in your body. There no reason to wait for symptoms, call our toll free number 1-877-675-3420 to get chlamydia urine test out of the way.