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One of the most widespread sexually transmitted diseases (STD) - Genital Herpes

People Who Indulge in Sex Often and Promiscuously Have to Undergo Genital Herpes Testing.

Because many persons who have this infection are asymptomatic, some people who have it may not even know that they do because they have never had reason to get a genital herpes testing. As a result, they inadvertently infect all of their sexual partners.

And then, because in most cases, symptoms will disappear for a period of time, people who experienced the symptoms for the first time tend to think that when they disappear, so did the virus. In fact, the disappearance of herpes symptoms coincides with the latency phase of the virus. Many people who don’t undergo genital herpes testing discover that too late. After a time, it will reappear. In the meantime, one more person has possibly been infected by it.

Some diseases resemble herpes in symptoms

On the other extreme, we have the people who have been told that they have herpes without the benefit of a genital herpes testing and on the basis of symptoms alone. It may be years and years before these people find out that they do not have herpes. In that space of time, they have to endure losing so much of their peace of mind.

Genital herpes testing is necessary for verifying symptoms

The symptoms manifested by suspected carriers of the herpes virus cannot really be taken as conclusive signs of the presence of the disease. There are a variety of tests for verifying that. Which genital herpes testing procedures are suitable is for the doctor to decide.

If ever the symptoms appear, they are blisters which may show up around the mouth or the sexual organs. The blisters take about two weeks to heal. That will be the ideal time to undergo genital herpes testing. On the other hand genital herpes testing can be availed of during the asymptomatic phase, if any, to avoid embarrassment.

How is it transmitted?

Since the virus (Hsv-2 or Hsv-2) does not survive long in the presence of air, it can only be transmitted from body fluid directly to body fluid as in sexual contact. Persons who engage in anal gratification, for instance, should avail of genital herpes testing. They have a considerable chance of catching the disease from someone asymptomatic. That is because the viruses from the infected person’s penis easily find their way into the blood of the partner because of the permeability of the tissues in the anus.

The chances of acquiring the disease are greatly reduced by the use condoms and vaginal dams.

Is the disease curable?

People who have been evaluated as positive by genital herpes testing are incurable given the present state of medicine. It is not as deadly as the HIV virus. However, because of the open sores of a person with herpes, he is readily susceptible to HIV.

Getting rid of genital herpes

Currently, doctors treat herpes patients by reducing their pain when they have a herpes outbreak. There are also medications which inhibit the growth of the virus and can control the outbreaks on the skin.

Genital herpes testing should be undergone by people who have the symptoms of herpes in order for them to make sure that what they have is really herpes and not some other disease similar in symptoms to herpes. This can save them a lot of anxiety and worry depending on the results of the genital herpes testing.

On the other hand, genital herpes testing should be included in the routine physical exams of sexually active people, especially those who don’t exhibit the symptoms. This will prevent their infecting other people.

Seek guidance and help from professionals

If you have ever had any sexual contact, you should avail of genital herpes testing for your own peace of mind. Otherwise you may be exposing your loved ones to the disease.

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