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There few basics you need to know about HIV/AIDS. At this time, there no cure for HIV/AIDS. If you are concerned that your sexual partner is having sex with other people or you are having unprotected sex with other people and have not been tested for HIV - get tested for HIV ASAP, because you or your partner may not be aware of him/her being infected with HIV/AIDS. Sooner you get preventative measures started, more time you will live.

HIV is a virus that destroys immune system CD4 cells making victim wide open for any type of infections and viruses.

After about 23 days from getting infected with HIV, some people may develop flue like symptoms and these symptoms may last for about a week or two and may not show up for 10 years or more. Some people will not feel any different and only find out when HIV develops in to AIDS and they start having serious health complications. Get tested for HIV ASAP if you are having unprotected sex!

People with HIV may benefit from taking anti-viral medications and feel healthy for several years. These HIV medications can slow down the HIV virus, keeping it in passive mode and in some cases prevent HIV positive person from transmitting the HIV virus to others. If you don’t get tested for HIV ASAP, untreated HIV infection may lead to other conditions, such as kidney failure, rare forms of cancers, and other serious complications, before even developing to full blown AIDS. It is vital for person with HIV to get tested for HIV virus ASAP and start taking medications ASAP. Longer individual with HIV waits - more damage HIV does for the body and reduces lifespan of the HIV infected individual.

There 2 known HIV viruses, HIV-1 and HIV-2. Both of these viruses’ damage immune system, but HIV-2 seems to be developing slower and milder compare to HIV-1. People with HIV-2 virus may become less infectious in the early stages of HIV infection. Get tested for HIV ASAP and find out if you are HIV negative and if positive, what type of HIV infection it is.

The very first HIV virus was diagnosed in the USA in the late 1980’s, when gay men in San Francisco and New York started suffering, in the similar way, from rare forms of infections and cancers. Doctors started searching for clues and discovered unknown at that time form of HIV virus, similar to the virus that affects chimpanzees in West Africa. Since that time it was discovered that HIV is more receptive during unprotected anal sex vs. oral or vaginal and therefore gay men are in greater risk of passing HIV from one another.

Another group that is more active in passing HIV from one to another is heroin and other injectable drugs users. HIV is transmitted if individual with HIV shares needles, syringes, rinse water or other equipment.

It is very important to get tested for HIV ASAP and we are here to help you get tested 24/7 – 365 days per year. Just call our toll free number to get your confidential HIV blood test done. We offer 100% privacy and 100% confidentiality of your test results!