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HIV testing must be one of the most important health tests for everyone who is sexually active and receiving rapid HIV test results from your HIV test is very important. HIV virus does not harm internal organs; it rapidly destroys CD4 cells necessary for body to defend from other viruses and infections.

Unfortunately it is not possible to detect HIV virus before 23 days from infection and HIV test results below 2 months from infection are 95% accurate. Reason why HIV rapid test below 2 months from HIV infection is 95% accurate is because infected person body does not start developing HIV antibody cells as well as CD4 cells count stays normal.

HIV rapid test requires lab professionals to test individual’s blood and it usually requires a quick look at the blood specimen under the microscope to determine if blood specimen has HIV antibodies present or not.

After person has been diagnosed with HIV, it is very important to test what type of HIV virus it is. There two forms of HIV virus, HIV-1 and HIV-2. HIV-1 is more severe form of HIV and it is a lot more harmful compare to HIV-2. Both of these viruses destroy immune system in the similar way, but HIV-2 virus seems to be less extreme compare to HIV-1.

Our testing will require two occurrences. First, individual must be instructed about the fact that their blood is being tested for HIV and blood is drawn for rapid HIV test. Second occurrence is when we receive test results and if results come out to be positive, we refer client to our professionals if client wishes, otherwise our records stays within our organization, we do not disclose it to any other entity and we keep every piece of information we collected private.

There 2 types of tests that we offer: EIA, which is the test for the enzyme immunoassay and rapid HIV test. Rapid HIV test is a lot quicker and the results are available within 2-3 hours from the time we draw individual’s blood. EIA test is a lot more complicated and requires different type of equipment, where our lab professionals require plasma to perform series of tests. HIV rapid test is just as accurate as EIA test and there more than one type of rapid HIV tests available at our labs. Our lab professionals determine what’s called predictive value that is used to determine if person is infected with HIV virus or not. If predictive value is above certain level - person is HIV positive. If person has been diagnosed with HIV, another test is necessary to determine if first test has been showing accurate results or not and for the 2nd test, it takes 2 weeks to receive results.

Don’t wait until HIV infection develops to AIDS, it might happen within few weeks from infection or decade or more. It is necessary to get tested to live longer. Call us toll free 1-877-675-3420 and get your HIV rapid test done quicker.

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